All Parts Whole

  All Parts Whole I’m a collection A simple plot twist Drawn out from a tired gilded spool of thread Cut by the rabbits Bitten by the mice Simplicity is not my folly but my ruse So please give me your heart Let me sing to it For I am the light to your dark ...

what is it like with my mom? something called “hell”

her words are as hollow and negative as thr ideas she preaches. she loves me but does not like me.because i am her son and i see past the lies. she dishes out nothing to us but attitude and disrespect. the constant negativity is something you get used to over time. theres no escaping it. ...

That Feeling 1

Writing music, hanging out with friends, or whatever really. Just having a nice time…. Out of nowhere you’re hit by that feeling & it’s just beyond overwhelming. Every damn problem you could possibly have or even think to have are assumed to be happening all at once. You feel like everyone that you call a ...

Zach Lowe song covers 1

Obviously this isn’t me. He’s my ex and a very close friend. He has given permission. These songs don’t belong to either of us.   Demi Lovato-Give Your Heart a Break   Andy Grammer-Keep Your Head Up   Onerepublic-Counting Stars   Onerepublic-Goodbye Apathy  

A little thing i call “its about love”

Its not about sex. Its not about beauty. Its not about getting some sort of fix. Its not about wishing on the stars and hoping for something nice to happen. Its about love. Its about holding her and letting her know that everything will be okay. Its about fucking trust. Honesty with her. Spend time ...

A Rose – Trevor Hamlin

A Rose - Trevor Hamlin

Making a difference (very cliche but true) 2

Making a difference (very cliche but true)
I was scrolling through my twitter feed the other day (as bored as can be) and <-this is what I found It got me thinking, is it really true? Are ALL teenage girls like that? (because it goes without saying that when they say “girl” they mean highschooler) My answer would be No, Not all ...

The Outsiders Fanfiction

Just a little note from me beforehand. This storyline was my idea, but most, if not all of the characters and basic background are from the beautiful brain of SE Hinton. The book is amazing. If you haven’t read it, you should. It would also make this make more sense, but you should read it ...

Chorus of Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade

Chorus of Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade
Fall For You Chorus.

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