Multiple Sclerosis and Incontinence Problems

There are many different reasons Cheap Shapewear Cheap Shapewear for having bladder control problems, one of them could be due to MS. Having multiple sclerosis is not an easy thing anyhow and knowing that new symptoms can start to at any time can be a stressful thing. There are about 80% of individuals suffering from incontinence that also suffer from MS. Since there is a very real chance you could end up with incontinence you need to prepare yourself once your initial symptoms of MS start.

There are a handful of great incontinence supplies on Cheap Sexy Clothes the market that you can choose from. Search through a variety of adult diapers until you can find a fit that you really like. Since it is common to suffer from incontinence for the rest of your life you might want to consider the washable incontinence supplies instead of disposable ones. This will save you a lot of money on the long-term costs of managing incontinence. The washable incontinence supplies also look very similar to your regular underwear, which helps you hiding the fact that you have incontinence.

Incontinence is not only embarrassing, Cheap Shapewear it can bring on a handful of other problems that you need to worry about. One of the big problems with incontinence is also dealing with skin rashes and sores. If you have muscle fatigue and you find that you are commonly bound to your bed or sitting often, it can easily lead to bed sores. You must be able to manage them so they do not become infected. You also need to wash your skin near the genitals and to keep it as dry as possible so you don’t end up with the problems that can arise with incontinence. Having sores around the genitals and dealing with urine that is left on the skin for long periods of time can lead to infections and pain.

A urinary tract infection is also quite common to have when you are dealing with incontinence. This is why it is so important for you to change out your incontinence underwear the second it does get wet. Leaving the wet underwear on the skin for a long period of time increases the amount of bacteria that is near the urethra and it’s not long before it can climb up inside the urethra and infect it as well as lead to a bladder infection and possibly a kidney infection. Keeping the skin clean and making sure you have fresh incontinence supplies to wear will really help in the managing of incontinence and preventing an infection. Dietary changes also help as you want to increase your intake of Vitamin C as it does aid in preventing infections.

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