Sloane Stephens: 5 Things To Know About Tennis Star Who Slayed 2017 US Open

Sloane Stephens grabbed her first Grand Slam title when Face Slimming she defeated Madison Keys to win the US Open Women’s Final on Sept. 9. Now fans are clamoring to know more about this amazing tennis player and we have all the details on Sloane right here!1. Sloane Stephens comes from a family of athletes.Sloane Stephens, 24, was born to Sybil Smith (who was the first African-American female to be named First Team All-American in Division I history) and John Stephens, a pro football player, who died in 2009 just before Sloane competed in the US Open.Sloane’s younger brother, Shawn Farrell, is also a star athlete, playing baseball and football for Notre Dame High School in LA. As you can see, she comes from a family who is seriously sports-centric. So it’s only natural she be a gifted athlete!

 2. Her world ranking has sky rocketed in the last month.Sloane started August 2017 ranked at a lowly 957th in the world of female tennis. As of just two days before the 2017 US Open Finals, she had a projected rank of 21. NICE! However, after defeating Madison Keys at the 2017 US Open Women’s Finals on Sept. 9, we’re pretty sure she’ll be ranked even higher. After all, she did grab her very first Grand Slam title! That’s nothing to scoff at! Click here to see pics of the 2017 US Open.

3. She had to pull out of last year’s Latex Waist Wrainer US Open due to a serious foot injury.On August 26, 2016 Sloane had to drop out of the US Open due to a serious right foot stress fracture. This injury required Sloane to get foot surgery and sidelined her for the rest of the season.

4. She’s currently dating another athlete, costume manufacturer U.S. soccer playerJozy Altidore. Sloane credits her hunky beau,Jozy Altidore, 27, as her biggest support system.“I don’t think there’s been a more positive person in my corner that I’ve had,”Sloane told the New York Times this weekof the Toronto FC and the United States national team player. “When I was on the peg leg (cast), I was with him, and I would always make fun of myself and he’d make fun of me. But he kept it really light for me, so I was never too sad.”

5. She first rose to prominence when she defeated one of her heroes. Sloane crushed tennis superstar Serena Williams to reach the semifinals of the2013 Australian Open. Obviously, defeating an idol is something to be totally humbled by and Sloane was!

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