Analysis of Common Faults in Medium

Analysis of Common Faults in Medium – sized Flour Milling Machine
1, mill failure
(1) body shaking, should be tightened grinding head and rack coupling bolts.
(2) Production decline. Should be tightened spring to ensure that the roll gap at both ends of the same wear on the wear to be repaired.
(3) flour temperature is high. Should be loosened roller,small scale maize milling machines south africa price
such as grinding roller wear and tear should be repaired or replaced; summer machine temperature should be shut down when the heat.
(4) No bran. Common reasons for spindle rotation is wrong, the screen frame tightness or mesh damage.
(5) No powder or powder less. A common cause is blocked screen.
2, spiral mixer failure
(1) Grain out of the mouth without food. The reason is the motor is not steering, the discharge port is blocked, stirrer blade rupture and so on.
(2) stirrer shaft does not turn. There are too many reasons for feeding, such as slippery belt.
3, closed the fan failure
Bad wind, face bags may be sucked. Common causes of air leakage at the junction, impeller wear and so on. Impeller wear can be installed in the outer edge of a rubber plate.
4, cloth filter failure
(1) Indoor fly more dust. Reason for the distribution; box dust collector is not tight, cloth tube is not; tie tight, then air duct leakage.
(2) Fabric filter flour too much. The reason is a large amount of wind, dust collector connected to the bottom of the leakage or wear wear, closed impeller and the shell gap and so on.
5, electrical failure
(1) The unit can not start. Common reasons are low voltage, distribution line phase loss, bad line, the control loop is broken, the fuse blown.
(2) stand-alone can not start. Common reasons stand-alone control ht-20d swing type spice grinding machine with ce
loop poor contact or disconnection, AC contactor coil burnout.
6, motor failure
The entire unit has more than 10 different sizes of motors, therefore, the motor fault can not be ignored. One of the major causes of motor damage is overheating. Causes of over-temperature due to lack of bearings, bearings into the dirt, bearing damage or; motor overload and so on.
7, cleaning screen failure
(1) clean up sieve vibrations or screen frame shaking. The reason is loose bolts or wedges.
(2) Grains with grains. The reason is that row of stone mouth throttle, sieve angle or inappropriate.
(3) Wheat is smashed too much. The reason is that the gap between the gear plate and the sieve is too small, the sieve is too large or damaged.

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