What is HD of the dash cam

The rear-view dash cam is to record the image of the dash cam. But when selecting the HD dash cam, we can usually see the professional data, such as 720p, 1080p, 1296p, 200w, 300w, etc. After all, we are not professors, we will don’t know this data. I am going to explain the HD problem of the dash cam.

1, what is 1080p?

At present, the mainstream of the dash cam on the market is about 1080p. 1080p, 1920*1080,  is the resolution of the video, a regular unit of output the video.

2, What is pixel?

Pixel, which refers to the number of the elements on the sensor, are the smallest units that make up an image, usually use the PPI units to represent the resolution of the image.  A machine with 5 million pixels can take pictures with 5 million pixels.

The relationship of the pixel and resolution

Usually, use PPI unit per inch to represent the size of the resolution, and pixels are present in units of resolution. For example, 1080p is the resolution of the video. Referring to 1920*1080, and the pixel is about 2 million pixel, 1920 multiply 1080 equal to 22073600. in other words, output video with 1080p and 2 million pixels is enough to use.

3, potential things of the pixel

At present, the rear view dash cam on the market is promoted more than one million pixels. In fact, the manufacturers use software to transfer to one or two or more pixel. The pixel is really higher, but the effect is same with before, only add some repeat points.

What is HD of the dash cam

4, is the redundant pixel useful?

At present, the output video of mainstream dash cam 1080p and is about 2.07 million pixel. If only using 3 million pixels of the sensor is enough, is the extra 0.9 million wasted?

The extra pixel can be used as digital anti-shake to increase the stability of the dash cam during driving. In addition, it also can combine multiple pixels into one pixel to further improve the quality of the picture.

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