10 seconds help you solve the problem of Unclear rear lens in rain

As soon as it rains, the rear lens is full of water, it is very dangerous that rear cars are saw clearly, there are many ways to remove water from the rear lens on rainy days and the last one is the most recommended.

Most of the car currently have heat function, after turning on this function, the temperature of the mirror is more than 40 degree so that the water on the mirror will be evaporated.but not all the car have this function, and the installation is troublesome and high costs, which is not the best solution.

Add a rain shelter

This operation is common and the costs are cheap and very useful. But it will affect the beauty of the car. When in the heavy rain, the function of rain shelter will be weakened, so then only see clear half a glass.

Water flooding agent

There are two type of water flooding agent

Daub type: you need to paint it on the rear lens, it is difficult to paint uniform so that the effect is not good. The experiment proved that there is also water on the lens after using the water flooding agent.

Sprays type: before using, shake the agent, then spray directly. This effect is better than daub type. However, it does not apply to this small area things, like a rear lens.

Folk method


We all know that the detergent will damage the car paint so that fewer people will use this method. Paint the detergent on the rear mirror, the effect is similar to the daub type water flooding agent.


Use the juice of garlic to paint to the rear mirror, the effect is good, but you should paint in advance in the rain, very inconvenient.

Washing-up liquid

Use washing-up liquid on the mirror, but it can’t be used for a long time, and the effect is similar to sprays water flooding agent.


Use soapy water or towel with soap to paint the rear mirror, then use high-quality paper to wipe, the effect is good, at least the water can’t stick to the mirror, but the effect will cut down after 3 hours.

Car Wax

Paint car wax on the mirror, the good effect keep half a month, when washing the car, car wax also can be used.

Install rear view dash cam

Compared with other solution, installing a rear view dash cam is a simple method. Installing LINDU X3 streaming rear mirror dash cam with penetrating rain and fog function, you don’t worry you can not see clearly the rear condition on a rainy day.


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