Analysis of reserving image of the dash cam

Do the dual-lens dash cam have reversing image?

Dual-lens dash cam is installed on the roof windshield or is the smaller screen. If used as reversing the image, it is very inconvenient. Use-dependent reversing image.

Is it necessary to buy a dual lens dash cam if the car has the screen to see the reversing image?

Of course, it is necessary. When we drive straight, there is no image until hanging the dash cam.

Analysis of reserving image of the dash cam

How do we see the reversing image on the dash cam? 

1, image was taken from the best front and rear dash cam is clear, especial in dark, also a barrier and the rear condition is obvious. Most of the dash cam display normally in the daytime, but in low light or at night is very poor, which is caused by the poor quality of the sensor.

2, if the installation position of the dash cam is reasonable, you can see a part of the safety mechanism on the rear car. In addition, it is relative to the car auxiliary cable. And the camera installation position of the general original factory is quite normal, but also have the part of the invisible rear bumper. Why should I see the rear bumper? In this way, it is easier to judge the distance between the vehicle and the obstructions. In particular, when it is necessary to park in some narrow parking spaces, the vehicle must be very close to the obstacle before it can stop. The camera that can see the rear bumper at this time is the best helper.

How do we use correctly the reversing image of the dash cam?

It is a very practical function for safe driving because it can more visual to see the rear condition. When reversing, this function will clearly play the rear condition on the screen through the rear lens, also accurately master the rear condition. Obviously, it is more visual and practical than radar.

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