Reasons why Home DV canr’t take place the dash cam.

Some drivers think of home DV when they see the word of dash cam, which is very different from a dash cam. It is a mistake to use the DV as a dash cam. DV means digital video by Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Canon, Nikon and other well-known digital products to jointly customize the digital video format.

While the dash cam is to record the speed of car and road condition, its function is to solve argument and avoid racketeers of a traffic accident.

1、Analysis of fix angle. The dash cam is directly fixed on the car, but it may difficult to fix DV to the car.

2、Analysis of use. Home DV is widely used, the dash cam is mainly used for traffic accident evidence, the pixel is slightly lower than home DV, the price is also lower than home DV. But the dash cam has many new features in HD video that the home DV can’t surpass. Such as 1080p, G-sensor, GPS, one-click locking, etc. But mini DV can’t do that.

3、Analysis of storage. The dash cam support circulates video when the memory card is full, it will automatically cover the previous video to achieve unlimited recording. But it is very troublesome that when the memory card of the DV is full, the video can’t be covered. The operation of the front and rear dash cam is easier than DV, because of without any function.

4、Analysis of using environment. The dash cam is “ hot summer and cold in winter”. the dash cam long-term exposure in summer need high-temperature resistance, it needs to low temperature resistance in cold winter. From this point, the dash cam dual camera is used in military, HD is used in a human.

5、Analysis of the power supply. Dash cam directly gets power from car charge, when the car starts or stops, the voltage change is very big, and the dash cam is specially designed for the car. Road bumps can also be clearly photographed: while the home DV is directly powered by batteries, there is no voltage change! And installing the DV in the car is hard to keep the video stable.

Warming: when buying a dash cam, don’t be blind to listen to the merchant. Home DV is not be used as a dash cam.


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