Advanced sets of technologies and devices

Advanced sets of technologies and devices for apple flakes
Apple is one of the largest fruits in the world and is cultivated for more than hot sale 20 tons per day mini flour mill plant
four thousand years. Cultivation of apple trees in our country also has two thousand years of history, the ancient known as.
Apple shares the origin of the western apple and Chinese apple in two categories. Currently, apple varieties grown in various areas of apple production in China, are mainly Western apple. It was introduced by the United States in 1871 and was first planted in Yantai, Shandong. Currently, more than twenty provinces and autonomous regions have production, its production was the first in all kinds of fruits, fruits are one of China’s vigorous development.
In recent years, planting areas have been growing every year, complete wheat maize flour milling machine for sale
while production has increased year by year, while prices have fallen from year to year, so that can not yield a good harvest, the country has a difficult place to sell fruit, cut fruits and other phenomena that are in a significant degree of damage to the enthusiasm of farmers that affect the development of agriculture. Commodity only develop the competitiveness of the fruit industry to improve their fruits, adopt the application of high technology, products with high added value, production of the road in order to ensure that the yield of the harvest. On this basis, we have so far continued with 1989 studies for more than ten years, he experienced numerous successes and failures, hundreds of small and the pilot finally achieved encouraging results, the successful development of a set of ripe apples inflated production technology for the development of the history of food-rich epoch-making scientific and technological inventions of China.

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