Correct use of corn extruder method

Correct use of corn extruder method For the correct use of corn extruder, the following food extruder experts introduce: 1, work should be removed before the nose, movement, lead screw and other working parts, carefully clean the scale and grease on the movement and lead screw, cleaned to dry, loaded complex. 2, when using the first boot for 1 minute grain manufacturing processing machinery 2 minutes, and then feed slowly into the feed port, about a raw material into the ring around the head of the spiral groove, stop feeding, friction preheating. Stand-by head temperature increases, the pressure within the cavity increases, the nozzle starts to spit and then feed. Because at this time the cavity has not reached the normal temperature and pressure, the amount of material should be gradually increased. 3, feeding should be continuous and uniform, the material should be dry, otherwise easy to cause spiral groove blockage. 4, when it is found that the spiral groove is blocked, do not immediately shut down, should stop feeding and then run for a while, until there is the smell of coke and then stop. This will prevent the nozzle, the screw sleeve killed. If the nozzle, screw sleeve bite death can not come down, do not knock on the hard hit, you can remove it from the body, on the fire for a while, you can remove. 5, the initial operation of the nozzle can not spray shaped products, the nozzle is often caused by excessive temperature, the reason is that the raw material mkwsl-326 wheat flour production line manufacturer is too dry, or spiral groove with foreign body, or due to feed interruption should be based on different circumstances to find out the reasons, Troubleshoot 6, the end of the operation to stop feeding, let the machine idle for 1 minute, drain the machine to stop the material. Then remove the nozzle while hot, spiral sleeve, out of the screw shaft, remove the residue inside the machine, clear the nozzle hole, for reuse. Caution: Wear gloves when disassembling to prevent burns.

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