The role of lubricants in stone flour machines is reflected in what aspects

The role of lubricants in stone flour machines is reflected in what aspects
Stone flour milling machine in the long-term processing of production will have friction, which led to the phenomenon of over-temperature,
this time you need to play a role in the lubricant! In order to ensure the normal operation of stone flour machine and
the effective use of lubricants To reduce the conflict between equipment, to avoid the wear and tear of machinery and equipment,
forward mechanical efficiency, flour mills
then the main role of the lubricant is reflected in what aspects?
1, to reduce the role of conflict: In the liquid lubrication conditions, reducing wear and oil involved in the oil, the polar
anti-wear agent can effectively reduce the adhesion wear and surface fatigue wear. Lubrication oil viscosity and lubrication thickness
of the choice of resistance to the bump, under the conditions of infinite lubrication, the chemical properties of the lubricant
(additive chemical activity) to determine the bump resistance.
2, anti-corrosion effect. When the lubricant is covered on the contact surface, the corrosion caused by the oxide can be avoided.
Anticorrosion of lubricating oil can be directly related to the thickness of the oil film remaining on the metal surface and also depends
on the composition of the lubricant. The use of each surfactant as a rust inhibitor can make stone flour flour lubricants rust before they move forward.
3, cooling effect. Lubricant can reduce the conflict, and can endothermic, heat transfer, heat dissipation, thus reducing the mechanical work
in the composition of the temperature rise.
4, shock absorption effect.60t plc control milling machine manufacture of corn flour
Lubricating oil attached to the metal surface, in the contralateral by the impact, can absorb the impact energy,
such as car shock absorber is the use of oil damping principle.
6, sealing effect. Lubricants seal each exposed part to prevent ingress of moisture and media.
7, cleaning effect. The circulation of the lubricant can remove wear debris and impurities in the mechanical lubrication system of the stone flour and then filter it out.

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