A brief discussion of the cleaning equipment of flour machine

A brief discussion of the cleaning equipment of flour machine
Flour milling corn corn, is to optimize the industrial structure, extend the industrial chain and
increase the added value of the specific performance of the product, but also to solve the problem of agriculture,
rural areas is an important measure.mulit-function swing portable flour grinding machine
Corn is not only the king of people’s rations and feeds, but also an
important industrial raw material that can be processed into more than 3,000 kinds of industrial products.
The rapid development of corn processing industry in our country has greatly increased the consumption of
corn and has had a significant impact on the balance and circulation pattern of corn supply and demand in China and the world.
The general cleaning machine using two sieves, a stone, a magnetic separation of the process portfolio.
Maize was first cleaned by a first shaker to remove impurities and light impurities and then into the wool corn compartment.
Out from the wool corn warehouse, to further clean up the corn, a sieve, a stone, a magnetic separation, the impurities contained in the basic addition to the net.
Cleaning equipment for dry corn processing are plane rotary sieve, vibrating screen, blowing or suction gravity stone machine,
grading gravity stone machine. The high content of corn cob in the raw grain is a new problem emerging in the new era,
which has a serious impact on the subsequent processes, especially the peeling and degerming of corn,
resulting in the increase of reflux of the flour deinker making a vicious cycle.
Through the material grading, strengthening the wind election, is the ideal solution. With the impact of the material
can effectively reduce the5-500t/24h fytp series commercial flour mill for sale
number of black spots in corn flour. Moisture content of raw corn, you must add a water equipment.
It is extremely important for us to comprehensively understand and study the important role of the processing and development of
the corn industry and its impact and to formulate a scientific development strategy so as to take the initiative to improve the
macro-control of grain, maintain the balance between the supply and demand of corn and promote the healthy development of our economy .

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