Can the dash cam continue to work after the car has stalled?

According to the existing technologies the dash cam works by car battery and then records the video and sound of the vehicle through the camera. There are a lot of dash cams equipped with built-in sensor , so that the video will be automatically locked and when accident happens. however , a lot of drivers may have such doubt, can the dash cam continue to work when the power is cut off ? will the dash cam be out of power when the car is power off ? How can i maintain the consumption of dash cam ?

Normally, dash cam works by car battery in the daytime , so it will stop working after the car is power off . many dash cams are equipped with batteries , some batteries are used for up to four or five hours , while some batteries can only last about half an hour . therefore, the dash cam can continue to keep working during the day , but the dash cam also needs to have a rest due to the limit of battery

And how can dash cam work for 24-hours to meet our need ? It is an easy way to buy a portable power source so that the dash cam can be connected to the portable power source, and work for the whole day.

Some drivers want to install a on-board monitoring equipment which is feature-rich and also with anti-theft function, but its power consumption is far beyond the dash cam . some people want to modify the car circuit ,the electricity is directly imported to the battery, modify the car circuit to solve the night on-board monitoring power supply problem. It is dangerous for the car once the battery runs out.  So installing a dash cam is better than installing a monitoring device.

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