The principle of biscuit production line

The principle of biscuit production line
Biscuit production line is composed of biscuit forming machine, tunnel
type hot air circulating electric oven, fuel injection machine, turning machine,
cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, cookie sandwich machine, packing table and so on.
Full range of CPU module control, back hanging motor drive, compact structure, high degree of automation,
from the feed, three pressure surface, forming, sugar screening, transportation, waste, recycling. Baking,
fuel injection, professional multifunction peanut paste making machinecooling and so on all mechanical and electrical integration automatically.
Classification and Characteristics of Biscuit Raw Materials
The main raw material of biscuits is wheat flour, then add sugar, oil, eggs, dairy and other accessories.
According to the recipe and the production process of different cookies can be divided into tough biscuits
and crisp biscuits two categories. Toughness biscuits are characterized by impression modeling mostly concave flower,
the surface of a needle eye. Products surface smooth, cross-section structure level, chewing when the crisp feeling,
chewy, crisp for its unique characteristics. The toughness of the biscuit of sugar and the fat ratio is lower
than the crisp cake. General use of sugar content of 30%, the oil consumption of 20% or less. Crisp biscuits
are characterized by impression modeling mostly convex, pattern obvious, fine structure, the amount of flour
from 14% to 30%. Some sweet and loose special products, the amount of fat can be as high as 50%.
ยท Crisp biscuits: wheat flour, sugar, peanut butter machine filling capping labeling machineoil as the main raw material, adding loose agent and other accessories,
by the cold powder process powder, roll, roll or red, baking made more convex shape, cross-section Structure
showing porous tissue, taste loose baked goods. Such as cream biscuits, onion spices, sesame biscuits, egg biscuits and so on.

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