Buy frying machine should pay attention to what matters it

Buy frying machine should pay attention to what matters it
Fried meat for the products are: beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; pots,
potato chips and other puffed food; rice noodles, cat ears, sand Qi Ma, twist and other flour products;
meat, chicken and other meat products; Fish, octopus and other aquatic products; tofu,
bean curd and other soy products and so on. What should I pay attention to in the purchase of
frying machine? new design automatic peanut butter machine making machineXiaobian below to come for everyone to introduce.
When we buy frying machine, we can choose the products according to our own products and
the functions needed in the later period. We can maintain the good working condition and not only
improve the production but also keep the product quality stable. , Color, smell, taste uniform.
Frying machine has electric heating, coal heating, gas heating and other means, is a smoke-free,
multi-functional, oil and water mixed frying equipment, the equipment used in the international
selection of the most mixed oil and water frying process, Completely changed the structure of the
traditional frying equipment, from the fundamental solution to the shortcomings of the traditional
frying pan, which can also fry a commercial peanut soybean butter machine grinder machinevariety of food, not taste each other, a multi-purpose machine,
the process from the middle of the reservoir to heat the way, The temperature of the upper and lower reservoirs,
effectively alleviate the oxidation of oil, inhibit the acid medium, in the frying process automatically filter
the residual investigation, automatic temperature control, thus extending the life of frying oil.

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