What is the difference between crush oil and leaching oil

What is the difference between crush oil and leaching oil?
First, the processing technology
1. Physical pressing process (for peanuts, for example)
The peanut into the pot frying → re-entry screw press press → out of the oil (semi-refined oil) →
the oil precipitation → the oil refining → the final made of edible oil
2. Chemical leaching oil process (to peanuts as an example)
First peanut pressed into thin slices → soaked with six light gasoline, so that the oil dissolved in
light gasoline to form a mixed oil → then mixed with the oil to remove the light distillation of light gasoline,
made of semi-refined oil → peanut butter machine equipments made in chinarapeseed oil chemical high temperature refining degumming , Decolorization, deodorization
(with 15 Baume degree of lye refining; decolorization with bentonite, and the appropriate addition of activated carbon) →
finally made of edible oil. Leaching oil from semi-refined oil to refined oil refining, the whole process in the use of chemical agents,
and some refining process even use sulfuric acid.
Second, the pros and cons of the two
Nutrition nfunction peanut butter machine maker machine
Pressing oil: does not destroy linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, retaining the original nutrients
(vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) of the oil crop, but also retain the original natural flavor of the plant.
Leaching oil: due to high temperature, chemical processing, destruction of linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty
acids, nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) was destroyed, loss. So the main component of leaching
oil is a variety of fatty acids, can only provide energy for the human body, basically no nutrition at all.
The leaching oil is usually colorless and tasteless and does not smell the original flavor of the plant.
Chemical residue
Pressing oil: There is essentially no chemical residue.
Leaching oil: 6 gasoline and other processing used in the process of a variety of chemical substances are left,
these substances are not beneficial to the human body, or even toxic.
3. carcinogens benzopyrene
Pressing oil: low temperature, the physical processing process, does not produce carcinogenic benzopyrene.
Leaching oil: high temperature processing process produce benzopyrene (barbecue, fried, smoking will produce), is a strong carcinogen.
4. Artificial antioxidantsindustrail peanut butter machine grinder
Press oil: Vegetable oil has a natural antioxidant substances, can be added or less synthetic antioxidants.
Leaching oil: the process of high temperature damage to the original antioxidant substances, and the lack
of antioxidant protection of edible oil can easily be oxidized and produce rancidity, destruction of nutritional value,
resulting in harmful ingredients on the human body, and affect the taste. Therefore, leaching of edible oil must be added
synthetic antioxidants BHA (butyl hydroxy anisole), BHT (dibutylhydroxytoluene), TBHQ (tert-butyl hydroquinone), etc.,
these antioxidants have potential toxicity or even cancer Role, will bring food safety problems, many countries have banned the use.

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