PVC profiles are made of PVC resin after adding

PVC profiles are made of PVC resin after adding a variety of functional additives, after high temperature extrusion molding of industrial and living PVC products.
According to the performance can be divided into two kinds of hard and soft. Hard PVC profiles for building, such as the production of PVC doors and windows,
PVC flooring, PVC pipe, etc .; soft PVC profiles for PVC hoses, transmission cables.
The addition of functional additives PVC profile with anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, corrosion-resistant, high strength, cheap, can be part of the alternative aluminum,
steel and so on.Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Profile Extrusion Process
First, rigid PVC profile production processcustom plastic pc abs pvc profile/pvc abs pc extrusion profile
Raw material sieving formula weighing high-speed hot mixing mixed sieve storage material air delivery extrusion stereotypes traction cutting inspection storage
Second, the rigid PVC profile processing technology and product performance
(A), mixing equipment and process and product performance
Modern hard PVC profile processing using twin-screw extruder directly on the mixed powder extrusion, the plastic mixing capacity and yield increased significantly.
However, the positive displacement of the twin-screw extruder is much larger than that of the screw, and the extruded product directly with the twin-screw extruder
still does not get a well-dispersed, plasticized product,
so it must be The raw materials of the formula are premixed, including hot mixing and cold mixing, so that the mixture can achieve better pre-dispersion
and plasticizing effect, and obtain high apparent density.china supplier plastic pvc profile for window and door


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