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Plenum rated cables are also called Communications Plenum Cable (CMP). First of all we need to make it clear the word “plenum” and then we discuss what the plenum rated fiber optic cable is.

What is Plenum Fiber Cable?

According to National Electric Code (NEC), a plenum is a “compartment or chamber to which one or more air ducts are connected and forms part of the air distribution system.” that is to say, as a plenum, the space above an acoustic tile ceiling would have to extend above other rooms in the same building or be open to ducts connecting it to other parts of the building. The concern is that during a fire, if there is burning material in a plenum air space, smoke and fumes can travel through air ducts to the whole building. For this reason, there are codes to restrict the types of materials (such as cables) that can be placed in the plenum.

Plenum-rated fiber optic cables are different from other types of cabling by the special types of plastics used in the fiber optic cable jackets. Because plenum cables are routed through air circulation spaces, which contain very few fire barriers, they need to be coated in flame-retardant, low smoke materials. These plastics offer good resistance against possible fire, and in the event that they do begin to burn, they will not emit large quantities of harmful fumes.

Plenum cables are manufactured and tested to insure the cable will not be the fuel to a fire. There are many materials that meet Plenum specifications. The most common is Teflon TM by DuPont. The materials required to pass Plenum fire test specifications usually cause a price increase over non-plenum-rated cables. Usually, Plenum fire resistant rated cables are two-three times the cost of PVC versions.

Why Choose Fiberstore Plenum Fiber Patch Cable?

We are manufacturer and supplier of plenum fiber optic cables and plenum fiber optic patch cords.Our Plenum(OFNP) Fiber Cables include SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, MTRJ, E2000, MTP etc, both single mode and multimode plenum rated fiber optic cable assemblies. Custom lengths, connector combinations and polishes are available. Our each fiber patch cable is individually tested and certified to be within acceptable optical insertion loss limits for guaranteed compatibility and 100% reliability, and is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Fiberstore Plenum Fiber Patch Cable Assemblies

Our Plenum Fiber Patch Cable are provided with the optimum fiber length, cable type, and polish specification for your application.

We know that in today’s information age, the Network is your company’s “life support” system.  So our main goal is to maximize network uptime and to achieve complete customer satisfaction. To reach this goal we are committed to the most advanced manufacturing processes, and the highest quality fiber cable and connectors, and the best technical staff.  Each cable is individually tested and certified to be within acceptable optical insertion loss limits.

Common Plenum Fiber Patch Cable Configurations:

  • LC fiber optic patch cable
  • FC fiber optic patch cable
  • SC fiber optic patch cable
  • ST to ST fiber cable
  • MU fiber optic patch cable
  • MTRJ fiber optic patch cords
  • E2000 fiber optic patch cables
  • MPO fiber optic patch cords

About Fiberstore

Fiberstore Inc. specializes in fiber optic patch cable assemblies and fiber optic network devices. Beginning manufacturing in 2003, we are known as a fiber optic patch cable manufacturer for the excellent products, quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service. We not only offer OEM fiber optic assemblies to some of the  worlds leading companies in this industry, but we also cooperate with many other companies from all over the world and support these partners to win in the market. We are a professionally staffed fiber optic company distribution company.

Excellent products quality and quality control procedures is what our products are known for, quality, some world leading companies choose us as their supplier for fiber optic patch cable and equipment. We are proud of having been offering our partners with stable good quality fiber optic products. We offer competitive fiber optic cable prices. our products include various kinds of riser fiber optic cables ,plenum fiber optic cables  and lszh  fiber optic cables.

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