Introduciton of Fiber Optic Patch Cable

What Are Fiber Optic Patch Cords?

Fiber optic patch cords are the simplest fiber optic elements, consisting of a short length of optical fiber with a connector on either end. Since they are used to connect various components and instruments in a fiber optic system, their characteristics in terms of loss and aging determine the overall performance of the system. In principle, when two patch cords are connected, if the fibers are identical, it should result in almost zero loss. In actual practice the loss may not be very small since the fiber may not be completely concentric with the connector center, there could be dust at the tip of the connector, or there could be misalignments when two patch cords are mated. Patch corde with different types of fibers and differnet connector types are available. Typical insertion loss of patch cords are about 0.4 dB, with a return loss of better than 50 dB.

Fiber optic patch cables can be divided into different types based on fiber cable mode, cable structure, connector types, connector polishing types and cable sizes.

Cable Structure:

Simplex fiber optic patch cable: Designed for single point-to-point connections, simplex patch cords are available with all industry standard connectors and fiber. Simplex fiber optic patch cords are with simplex fiber optic cables, simplex means this cable is with only one thread of fiber optic glass inside the single core. And simplex cables are with one single outer jacket.

Duplex fiber optic patch cords: Similar to standard fiber optic patch cable but features two fibers in a zipcord cable. Multiplex patch cords for fiber counts larger than two available upon request. Duplex fiber optic patch cords are with duplex fiber optic cables, duplex fiber cable can be regarded as two simplex cables having their jackets conjoined by a strip of jacket material, some duplex fiber optic patch cords are with clips on the two fiber optic connectors at each side of the cable to combine the two connectors together.

Patch Cable Mode:

Single mode fiber patch cables: Single-mode fiber is generally yellow, with a blue connector, and a longer transmission distance.Single mode fiber optic patch cables use 9/125 micron bulk single mode fiber cable and single mode fiber optic connectors at both ends.

Multimode fiber patch cables: Multi-mode fiber is generally orange or grey, with a cream or black connector, and a shorter transmission distance. Multimode fiber optic patch cables use 62.5/125 micron or 50/125 micron bulk multimode fiber cable and terminated with multimode fiber optic connectors at both ends.

Connector construction

Connector design standards include FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU, SMA, FDDI, E2000, DIN4, and D4. Cables are classified by the connectors on either end of the cable; some of the most common cable configurations include FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC, and SC-ST.

Stocking fiber optic patch cables available from Fiberstore.

LC fiber optic Patch Cables are widely used small form factor cables, LC features the compact size that is half of the SC. LC fiber optic Patch Cables are used in Video, Gigabit Ethernet, multimedia and military applications. We supply single mode and multimode LC fiber patch cords.

LC Patch Cables Assemblies

* LC to LC fiber patch cord

* LC to SC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

* LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cables

* LC to FC Fiber Optic Patch Cables

* LC to E2000 Fiber Optic Patch Cables

SC Fiber Patch Cable: SC fiber patch cable is one of the earliest stype and one of the most commonly used fiber optic cable, it is convenient to use and cost saving – It is the most cheapest type fiber optic cable. SC fiber patch cord is widely uesed in fiber optic networks. SC fiber patch cable is with zirconia sleeve and plastic housing.We offer single mode and mutlimode SC fiber optic patch cables, SC-LC,SC-ST,SC-FC,SC-MU,SC-MT-RJ,SC-E2000,etc types custom design SC fiber optic cable assemblies, 9/125,50/125,62.5/125,SM,MM,simplex,duplex.

ST fiber optic patch cables are popular to use especially in short distance multimode fiber optic networks. ST features the Bayonet style housing for easy termination and high precision alignment that enable the whole patch cables with low insertion loss and return loss and back reflection. ST fiber patch cables from Fiberstore are available in both single mode and multimode types.

FC fiber optic patch cables use the metallic housing FC connectors which incorporate the precision ceramic ferrules for fiber linking. FC fiber optic patch cords are single mode and multimode types, with UPC and APC polished connectors and cable jacket types.

Special types of fiber optic patch cables

1.Polarization maintaining fiber optic patch cables

2.Mode conditioning fiber optic patch cables (mode conditioning patch cord, mode conditioning cables)

3.Pre-terminated pigtail (fiber pigtails, fiber pigtail, fiber optic pigtail, fiber optic pigtails)

Fiberstore is one of the leading Fiber Optic Patch Cords Supplier of China with huge experience of manufacturing fiber optic parts and accessories. We supply high class and long lasting patch cords according to the international standards. We are a reliable name in producing and supplying fiber optic patch cords in reasonable prices to our customers belonging from various parts of the world. We have a wide category of optical fiber attenuators, multi-mode duplex patch cables, custom made optical fiber patch cables, MTP and MPO multiple use fiber cable, Fiber optic pigtails, and many other sorts of fiber cables.

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