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savedpicture-2013718212436.pngI was scrolling through my twitter feed the other day (as bored as can be) and

<-this is what I found

It got me thinking, is it really true? Are ALL teenage girls like that? (because it goes without saying that when they say “girl” they mean highschooler)

My answer would be No, Not all girls are like that- somewhere along the way teenage girls got stereotyped as dumb and shallow.                                Well I’ve got news for ya. Teenagers can make a difference. And we totally will..Its not all airhead stuff (though I must admit, every girl whether shes fifteen or fifty likes  to get a bit pampered once in a while- even if you’re a “tomboy”), we’ve got brains and we use them.

Okay all that I said, that would be the dream. To have a bunch of smart, educated, beautiful and well-informed young girls at high school. But honestly? We’ve got wasted, desperate, jealous, couldn’t-give-a-damn-about school kinda girls.

no wonder all teenagers are stereotyped as being shallow and dumb (especially girls)…What can we do about it? Who can change it?

What I think is that we seriously have to clean up, I don’t think theres any point of complaining that we’re treated like kids if we keep acting like little kids! Its okay to have fun on the weekends…after all we ARE only going to be young once, and High School is supposed to be the best (or one of the best) four years of our life,
but then we also have to get down to business too, actually DO things.  Make it (life) work for us, not work a lot just to fit into life. Because in reality Teenagers are smart, young, energetic and are practically at the BEST age to carry things out and actually have fun while doing it!

Im not saying we must all forget what partying looks like and lead the life of a saint, Im saying that we have to take responsibility of our lives and not throw it all away in the name of “fun”.

Because we are NOT ahallow and dumb, we’re here to make a difference



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  1. theGirl Jul 19,2013 8:29 pm

    i worry about school. like even now, though we’re on break. XD

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