The Truth About The Fairly Odd Parents (Not Really) 1

You’ve seen The Fairly Odd Parents right?  The show about the happy child Timmy Turner, and his 2 fairy god parents Wanda and Cosmo, although what you see happening in the show isn’t what it seems to be.

Timmy was indeed as child who was never understood, but this is because no one understood the way Timmy thought of things, the way his brain worked.  His parents would always tell him that he was stupid, ask him what was wrong with his brain, and even would hit him because they got sick of him talking about things that didn’t exist.  The abuse followed him to school, where he only had 2 friends, Chester the boy who didn’t have a mother, and had ugly teeth so he didn’t have very many social skills, and AJ the very rich and stuck up kid that no one wanted to be around, so he settled for the losers.  Timmy would constantly get bullied in school whenever he would speak because of the abnormality of his thoughts.  He couldn’t make it a day without being called retarded, stupid, and sometimes even worthless.

All of this abuse finally got to Timmy.  One night his parents left him with his even more abusive Aunt Vicky like they usually did when they wanted to get away from Timmy for the night.  It was on this night where all of the abuse and all of the name calling finally made Timmy snap.  He had his two goldfish with him in his room, Cosmo and Wanda.  He would always talk to them because they couldn’t call him stupid, and they had to listen to him unlike everybody else in his life.  After hours of having negative thoughts in his room, he looked at Cosmo and Wanda and said “I wish I could get away from all of this, I wish I could die so they couldn’t hurt me anymore”.

A few seconds later, Vicky walked into Timmy’s room and hit him telling him to be quite when Timmy hadn’t made a noise in hours.  She was obviously drunk, which only made her crueler.  Timmy then tried to stand up for himself by talking back to Vicky.  Overcome by rage, Vicky grabbed Timmy and drowned him in the fishbowl that had contained Cosmo and Wanda.

When he died, his hopes and dreams didn’t die with him.  This caused an imaginary situation where Timmy could wish for anything that he wants to make him happy, so he could finally experience true happiness.

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